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The minimum stay is 2 nights. Maximum occupancy per apartment is 4 adults and 2 children (up to 15 years).

Accommodation Rules

  1. Only guest checked-in in to the hotel upon presentation of an identity card, a valid passport or other valid proof of identity can accommodated in the apartment. This document is submitted to inspection manager or owner upon arrival.
  2. Use of apartment facilities is permitted only to persons who are not affected by infectious diseases, to prevent the possibility of their transfer to other guests. If this fact is withheld to owner and is subsequently found out afterwards such a guest can be move out immediately without any financial compensation.
  3. If accommodated guest asks for extension of stay, he may be offered a different apartment than the one in which he was originally housed.
  4. Stay is usually reserved by guest through on-line reservation system on and is obliged to pay non-refundable deposit in amount 50 % of total price to the owners bank account within seven working days of sending the binding order. If this payment is not credited within seven working days to the owners bank account, the order is considered as invalid and the reservation will be canceled. In case that the guest canceled his stay for any reason (including illness or injury) after paying deposit, guest deprives claim for any financial compensation. This non-refundable deposit is used by the owner to cover additional costs incurred and loss of profit.
  5. Guest uses the apartment for the period of time agreed with the owner of the accommodation facility or his representative. If different terms were not agreed, guest will checkout no later than at 10:00 on the last day of the stay and at the same time is obliged to vacate the apartment and hand over it to the owner or his representative, in its original condition (original condition = condition in which the apartment was passed to the guest on the first day of the stay), so it is possible to clean the apartment before the arrival of new guest. If the host fails to do so, the owner is authorized to charge the guest the whole stay and also fee for the following day and this amount is deducted from refundable deposit of 80 €/2000 CZK. If the guest handover apartment on time and in its original condition without any defects, the owner or his representative return the whole security deposit in the amount of 80 €/2000 CZK when overtaking the apartment and keys.
  6. From 22:00 to 7:00 pm the guest has to keep the silent.
  7. On the day of arrival, the guest can be accommodated in the apartment earliest from 15:00 hours, unless agreed differently with the owner or representative.
  8. For the stay and ordered services shall accommodated guest timely pay the agreed price by bank transfer or in cash, but no later than on the day of arrival (unless otherwise stated), to the owner's bank account or to the manager of the accommodation in cash. Together with the amount for accommodation services the guest is obliged to pay also refundable security deposit in the amount of 80 € or 2000 CZK/apartment (against confirmation of the owner). Guest agrees that this refundable deposit is used to cover damage in case of damage or destruction of any inventory of the apartment that the guest caused to owner of the accommodation during the stay. If such damage exceeds the amount of 80 €/2000 CZK, guest agrees to pay the damage without delay and without objections in its entirety.
  9. Dogs and other animals can be placed in the area of the accommodation facility only upon the agreement of the owner or his representative. The owner of an animal has to prove health condition by valid vaccination card on request.
    • In all public areas of the accommodation facility dogs must be muzzled and on a leash
    • Is not allowed to leave the animals in the area of the accommodation facility unattended.
    • Animals must not relax – lie on the bed or other equipment that is used to relax guest
    • Is not allowed to use baths, showers and sinks for bathing and washing animals
    • For animal feed it is not allowed to use inventory used in the preparation and serving of food to guests
    • The owner of the animal is responsible for keeping the night peace from 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 pm
    • The owner of the animal is responsible for damage to property of apartment caused by the animal
  10. The guest may not, without the consent of the owner or his representative, to move with equipment of the apartment, to do repair, and any changes in electrical grid or other installations.
  11. It is not allowed to use own electrical appliances except for shaving or massage machines and hair dryers. When leaving the room the guest is obliged to close water taps in the room, turn off the lights, turn off electrical appliances that are not used in the absence of people and close the windows. After 19 hour, the guest is obliged to lock the main entrance to the facility.
  12. Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the accommodation facility.
  13. Guests have to report loss of keys immediatelly to the owner or his representative and recompensate caused damage (expenses of security cylinder lock replacement are up to 40 €/1000 CZK!).
  14. For security reasons it is not permitted to leave children under 10 years of age without adult supervision in the area of accommodation facility. Parents are responsible for the safety and health of their children in all accommodation spaces.
  15. For damage to property of the apartment caused by a guest, is the guest responsible in accordance with applicable regulations.
  16. Owner or manager is not responsible for things that the guest brought to the apartment. Owner is responsible only for the money and valuables only if take over into his own safekeeping against acknowledgment.
  17. Is possible to approach apartment house by cars only through designated roads and to park cars on places for the purpose designated.
  18. Complaints regarding the accommodation services and any suggestions to improve the accommodation services can be passed to manager or owner.
  19. Each guest have to follow fire regulations, become familiar with the alarm directives, and with other published documentation and orders to ensure fire protection, which are located in the entrance hall of facility.
  20. Guests staying at this accommodation have confirmed that at the time of ordering the stay (at the latest on arrival at the apartment) become familiar with complete house rules and agree that at the time of his stay he will respect the rules without objections. In case that the guest grossly violates the house rules, the owner or his representative has the right to end contractual relationship with such guest immediately without financial compensation in the worst case eject the guest from accommodation.
  21. Entry to the private land surrounding a building, the gardens, garage and private parking is permitted only at guest's own risk.

Executed in Svoboda nad Úpou 1.8.2012 PaeDr. Ladislav Moc – owner.

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